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Mixed Media Mosaics

Standing Sculptures

Only the finest Italian and Mexican hand-cut smalti, glass, tiles, and stones are used. 
Each standing sculpture is unique by nature.

Birth of Livingston Venus

22 in x20 in x 6 in

Smalti, 24K gold smalti, stained glass, vitreous tile, wood and MDF board form, gesso, ceramic mug, glass beads, doll parts, nail polish bottles, broken iPod, fabric, paper, wire, ribbon, acrylic paint, cultured pearls, metal charms, thread, sealant.


Garden of Eden: Spare Parts

27 in x 21 in x 18 in

Vitreous tile, smalti, stained glass, millefiore, broken china, glass beads, china figurines, Rosenthal China, plastic doll parts, stone, wood forms, wedi board, costume jewelry, copper wire, brass mesh, ribbon, found paper butterflies, dichroic glass, buttons, metal stampings, powdered pigments, sealant.


Popeye's Roller Derby Gal

32 in x 20 in x 11 in

Smalti, vitreous tile, millefiore, broken china, wood forms, Styrofoam, wedi board, plaster, metal mesh, glass beads, plastic beads, bottle caps, watch face, hand crocheted doilies, hand dyed wool, ribbon, thread, inline skate wheels, powdered pigments, sealant.



2 in x 21 in x 8 in

Smalti, vitreous tile, stained glass, glass beads, buttons, natural quartz drusy, earthenware, broken china, hand dyed wool/mohair/silk, election buttons, event buttons, wood, wedi board, Styrofoam, powered pigments, sealant.


No Two Are Ever The Same

23 in x 18 in x 10 in

Smalti, vitreous tile, china, ceramic tile, Rosenthal China, wood forms, glass beads, china figurines, wire, millefiore, Aunt Clara’s cotton crochet trimming, found bird earrings, ribbon, found belt buckle, clock faces, watch face, powdered pigments, sealant.


Odalisque With Dessert

29 in x 17 in x 15 in

A sculpture in 3 pieces

Vitreous tile, stained glass, glass beads, abalone shell, wire, ribbon, metal, ceramic tile, wood shapes, styrofoam, wedi board, metal rods, dried pigments, paper, Aunt Clara’s cotton crochet doilly, varnish, sealant.


Reality Dancer 1: Purple

24 in x 9 in x 7 in

Vitreous tile, stained glass, wood forms, styrofoam, wedi board, beads, millefiore, lamp finial, dried pigments, sealant.


The Muse

23i n x 13 in x 11 in

Smalti, vitreous tile, stained glass, ceramic tile, wood and MDF board forms, styrofoam, acrylic gesso, plastic doll arms, plaster, metal mesh, copper mesh, millefiore, metal dowels, carved stone animals, glass beads, wire, dried pigments, acrylic paint, sealant.


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